Old railway into a super-fast

Old railway into a super-fast
shocking news came from the United States
From the hands of experts in the Coalition for Sustainable Rail ( CSR ) in the US , a locomotive made ​​in 1937 will be used again .
The head of classic train locomotive named the 3463 be set into ground vehicles that are environmentally friendly .
Because the fuel does not use pure coal that cause smog and pollution . However , work still relied on steam engines powered by coal burning bio or biocoal .

Locomotives that were previously only be on display at the Great Overland Station Museum , Kansas , USA , is , will be the locomotive that has more power and environmentally friendly .
By the engineers involved , if the CSR project named Project 130 is a success , will prove the advantages of biofuels as an alternative fuel .

The project will be done in collaboration with CSR Institute on the Environment ( Ione ) University of Minnesota in the US and the Sustainable Rail International ( SRI ) .
The use of 130 numbers is intended to create an old locomotive that can be accelerated to a speed of 209 kilometers per hour . Restoration of this total is expected to break the record for the fastest steam locomotives ever.

The use of more effective and efficient biocoal . This material has no heavy metal and no harmful fumes raises , even ash .
However , biocoal has better energy density than ordinary coal .
really creative engineers , can recycle old stuff to be useful though different era
insyur hopefully in other countries do not stand by it.

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