Gramophone romantic musical instruments clasic

According to the explanation of these tools come from a friend who happened to have been returned to their home country. Gramaphone is displayed in the corner of the room branded "His Master's Voice".
To remind that the gramophone in his day the music players (music player) which only the upper-income so arguably not everyone can have the exception that the moneyed lot and this machine has no sejaka 1987 in Europe.

Gramophone i
s unique, how to play this instrument in order to produce music. First - the first black disc mounted and functioning needle follows the grooves (tracks) that there dipiringan black, and do not forget to set the crank, the crank we have to lock / rotate peer gramaphone spriral present in order to play the disc, much like watches that every day we have to lock / rotate the lever clockwise so that the arms can rotate.

Once the crank is rotated until it stuck a bit harsh on a swivel point, the dish can hitampun start playing, and the edge / corner of the tool is no tool that can control the speed of the rotation and is arguably as tempo regulator music produced.
Black disc mounted start playing, and out came the strains of a beautiful voice, melodious and romantic, it seemed unique but catchy. To start again should turn the crank, and to listen to different types of music live instead of black disc attached to the other existing collections.

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